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Increase your sales, efficiency and effectiveness

Gain better insights to make smarter decisions with our sales performance software for wholesale distribution companies.

Our award-winning sales performance software delivers smarter selling to manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers creating a more complete picture of what’s really going on with your customers. With complete visibility into the inner workings of your business and customer base, you’ll have unmissable cross and up-selling opportunities on tap, fast insight into any changes in customer spend and truly delighted customers.



Drive sales with data

Improve your sales performance with powerful customer insights that are instantly available to your sales team.

Answer questions like: “Who has bought X but not Y this month?” and “What should this customer be buying from me?” in seconds.

  • Create targeted sales and marketing campaigns that matter to your business
  • Unrivalled visibility into the performance of your accounts, reps, branches and products
  • Make data driven decisions that are based on facts, rather than ‘gut feeling’

Empower your sales team

Never miss a sales opportunity again with our mobile sales analytics applications for iOS and Android. Putting the power back in your sales team’s hands, our mobile applications are available no matter where they find themselves – with or without a connection.

  • Access to your sales data even without an internet connection
  • View quantities sold, GP, value and cost for any account on the fly
  • Manage account activity so you always know exactly what’s going on in your business

Smash your sales targets

Building high-value, bottom line boosting relationships is a breeze with our sales performance software. Calling your customers at the right times, for all the right reasons has never been easier.

  • Monitor performance against target for each rep, branch, product or customer
  • Track typical customer behavior so you know precisely when to call
  • Arm your sales team with the insight they need to increase sales conversion




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Case study: Maxxis Tyres


What is sales-i?

Explore our built-in CRM system

Easily manage customers and prospects from our built-in CRM. Already use a CRM? We can integrate sales-i with that too.

Discover our CRM

Integrate your emails

Seamlessly update both your sales-i and Exchange accounts at once so that information is reflected in both systems.

Integrate your email account

The SaaS model

sales-i is built using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to give you a fast, flexible and cost-effective solution.

The benefits of SaaS

How we secure your data

We keep you and your data protected by using the latest data security processes and perform regular audit checks.

Our data security processes


erp systems

View more ERP systems that we integrate with.

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  • “We are delighted with sales-i. Some departments are doing 25% more business quarter over quarter.”

    Bill Vendramin

    Director at Kramer Leonard
  • “Shortly after switching on sales-i, one of our field sales team identified a customer that had not bought from us in 2 years. Within a few days, he had taken an order and re-awoken it as a live account! This is having a really positive impact upon sales performance and morale.”

    Geoff Winstanley

    National Account Manager at RoDO
  • “We have had sales-i for nearly two months now and it is has become an integral part of our sales function. It offers exactly what we have been looking for in terms of a sales tool that can be used to not only identify downward trends in sales but also to identify additional opportunities. I highly recommend sales-i and we are looking forward to continuing to develop and make this the core focus of our sales plan moving forward.”

    Matthew Courtney

    Director at Crest Medical
  • “I can’t imagine doing business without sales-i now and we have a focused approach to what we are doing. sales-i has really helped us as a company.”

    Christian Cardo

    Sales Manager at FRID + Russell
  • “sales-i is a great tool. It’s simple to use, powerful and totally scalable to our business. sales-i has provided invaluable insight, empowering
    decision makers to make better choices, faster.”

    Peter Baines

    Information Manager at International Timber


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