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Better insights and smarter decisions with sales performance software for wholesale distribution companies.

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What sales-i can do for you...

Improve sales volume

Sales forecasting can help you to monitor and improve on incremental gains.

Measure sales traction

Customer insight software that allows you to understand the power of your sales team.

Identify buying gaps

Our business insight software highlights new opportunities.

More selling time

A contact management system that makes your processes more efficient.

Improve sales management

Use a CRM that can help to reshape the way you manage your sales.

Increase visibility

Get a greater understanding of your entire sales cycle with heightened visibility.

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What our customers say about us

  • “sales-i gives us more control and allows us to track everything: from sales to customer targets and spend trends. I can produce detailed sales reports for directors everyday within minutes!”

    Michelle Perry

    Sales Office Manager at Cablecraft
  • “Although Phocas has strong analytical functionality, you need to know the structure of your data before you can construct a report whereas sales-i is very intuitive and simple to use. The ‘drill down’ capability is very easy to use in sales-i which provides our Sales Representatives with instant analysis on product distribution between our key accounts. A combination of sales-i and our own ERP data has provided us with a powerful real-time CRM sales tool that has provided our company with smart business intelligence on our UK customer base.”

    Paul McCourt

    Operations Director at Hamilton Litestat
  • “We can be very responsive with sales-i alerts, delivering real-time information to mobile phones and acting on them immediately which projects a very positive image of our company.”

    Paul Archer

    Managing Director at Sykes-Pickavant
  • “Shortly after switching on sales-i, one of our field sales team identified a customer that had not bought from us in 2 years. Within a few days, he had taken an order and re-awoken it as a live account! This is having a really positive impact upon sales performance and morale.”

    Geoff Winstanley

    National Account Manager at RoDO
  • “sales-i has provided Rawlplug with professional live up to date sales values and records of our customer interaction with our sales teams. It has become an invaluable tool providing instant access to customer records whenever you need it, wherever you are.”

    Jonathan Metcalfe

    Sales & Marketing Director at Rawlplug


Our award-winning sales performance software delivers smarter selling to distributors and wholesalers. By integrating your transactional ERP data with your customer data, we give you greater customer insights, creating a fuller picture of what’s going on with your customers.

Coupled with your expertize, it’s then easy to see where those trends are heading, where any unmissable opportunities lie and where you’ll find it easy to cross, switch and up-sell in the future. It’s sales forecasting software that makes smart decisions, every time.



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“Research shows that an average salesperson costs companies $450 per day to employ. For a few dollars more (as sales-i costs just a few dollars per user per day) sales-i provides a profitable focus for sales activities so that sales time is not wasted.”

Gerry Brown

Senior Analyst at Bloor

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