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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) minimizes risk and reduces the burden on your IT department.


SaaS is an innovative method of delivering software over the Internet as a service. All you need for access is an Internet connection, making SaaS solutions practical and efficient. There’s nothing to install, no hardware to maintain and absolutely no costly infrastructure to invest in. Just simple, straightforward software you can log into from any Internet-enabled device.

33% of businesses use some sort of SaaS solutions
21% projected increase in SaaS spend over the next year
42% are planning to increase spend on SaaS systems in the future

  • “We are going to make lots of money with sales-i!”

    Kenneth Henderson

    President at Copco
  • “We now have a best-in-class reporting tool at our fingertips. sales-i is a game changer that easily pays for itself, not to mention the pricing is very fair. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

    Ryan Puccinelli

    President at IQ Total Source
  • “Every interaction with sales-i’s customer support team has been both pleasant and professional. I couldn’t be happier with the customer support, and wish all our software support was this excellent!”

    Pamela Kite

    Sales Administrator at A&W Supply

Accessible from any location

All sales-i requires is a working Internet connection and a web-enabled device. So no matter where your salespeople find themselves, they’ll always have access to the information they need to close deals and keep your customers happy, all thanks to our sales intelligence software. As SaaS providers, it’s our aim to make sure you have quick, easy access to your software.

No uphill learning curve

As SaaS applications are web browser-based, they’re as easy to use as normal websites. Adoption rates for SaaS solutions are amongst the highest around. sales-i is intuitively designed and, with a bespoke training package designed just for your company, we’ll ensure that the adoption process for our SaaS product is as smooth as possible.

Endless scalability

The very nature of SaaS applications gives you all the power. You can add or remove user licenses as your business grows, meaning you only ever pay for what you need and, more importantly, what you can afford.

No need to involve IT

We manage your deployment of our Software-as-a-Service from start to finish, so you don’t need the involvement of your already busy IT department to manage sales-i at all. From processing automatic updates to looking after your data extract and offering various methods of support, we believe in leaving no stone unturned. SaaS technology prides itself on ease and practicality, which is something we like to uphold here at sales-i.


sales-i is based on a per user, per month subscription model, so you only pay for what you need. The beauty of a SaaS subscription model is how little it costs up-front when compared to most traditional software packages, and also the significantly smaller risk on your part. With no hefty upfront investment or overpriced license fees to worry about, we truly do all we can to make our SaaS product the best on the market.


One of the main benefits of SaaS? A model designed for efficiency, SaaS technology removes the reliance on traditional software packages. These often need upgrades to the hardware or software patches, all of which you have to deal with. Furthermore, heavy time investments from your IT department and expensive add-ons aren’t required. All the updates to our SaaS application are automated, leaving you with all the benefits and none of the stress.


As sales-i is Software-as-a-Service, it’s entirely hosted on our servers. This means that we manage the entire SaaS application, from access and security to updates and performance, leaving you free to concentrate on selling.


With nothing to install on your computer and no infrastructure to buy, the day-to-day cost of sales-i is minimal, while the return on investment is immediate and sustained. The majority of our customers see an impressive return on their investment within 6 months of using sales-i’s SaaS technology.

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