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Getting started with sales-i

With our free quick start guides, walkthroughs and webinars, getting started with sales-i is easy.


A bespoke sales training package to suit your company,
no matter the shape, size or location

In-house training

Bringing your team into sales-i is a great way to dedicate time to learning without the normal day-to-day distractions. In-house is ideal if you are able to take your team off the road for a day or the team would benefit from a more hands-on approach to CRM training and using SaaS.

On site training

If you’re based in the UK and can’t make it to our offices, there’s no need to worry. One or more of our training team may be able to come out to you and setup the training day at your offices for in-depth sales team training. For more details, simply get in touch.

Online training

We also host live CRM webinars and SaaS tutorials so your team can login and learn, right from their desks. This provides easy access to sales training, giving your team the ability to learn in their own environment, and can be particularly useful if your team is spread out geographically.

One support site with every source of information you could possibly need


Our cheat sheets answer our users’ most common queries, while the comprehensive SaaS guides will show you the ins and outs of some of the system’s key areas.


sales-i TV is our dedicated online training channel, with How To videos, webinar sessions and videos explaining the latest updates to keep you in the know.


No matter whether you’re using sales-i on PC, iOS or Android, our extensive library of How To guides can teach you all you need to know about the system.



Our guides are here to help you get ahead, even before you start your training

Quick start guide

Our quick start guide is the best way to get ahead of the game with sales-i.

The guide offers a quick yet comprehensive tour of some of the key aspects of sales-i, giving you a great idea of the system before you even start training.

Even if you’ve already completed your training, the guide acts as a great way to revisit some of the main areas of the system and renew your knowledge.


The perfect iOS MyCalls routine

The words ‘organized’ and ‘salespeople’ don’t usually go together, but it’s also true that the most organized salespeople are the most successful.

That’s why we created MyCalls: the diary system within sales-i which makes it incredibly easy to record past meeting details, plan future calls and make the most of those you have planned for now.

It’s also the reason we created this guide to show you how to use it on your Apple device.


The perfect Android MyCalls routine

MyCalls is the diary system that’s built into sales-i. It can be accessed from any device, any time, any where, as long as you’ve got an internet connection.

It’s the easy way to stay organized, which is no mean feat for any salesperson like you who’s tasked with managing hundreds of customers and thousands of products.

In this guide, we show Android mobile users how to get around our simple yet effective MyCalls diary.


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