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Zodiac Stainless Products

Zodiac are keeping track of buying patterns to proactively sell thanks to sales-i.

Food and Drink

Zodiac Stainless Products have been using sales-i for over a year and continue to see sales-i’s  positive impact on their bottomline.

10 sales-i users
2,500+ products
500k transaction lines

About Zodiac Stainless Products

Established in 1975, Zodiac has become one of the leading suppliers of commercial and domestic catering equipment and housewares. Selling to wholesalers and distributors in the retail market, 70% of Zodiac’s sales come from the UK and Ireland, and the other 30% from other locations across Europe.

They have built a strong reputation for excellent service by providing customers with the very best standards of both pre and post purchase care and by promising to deliver the next working day on all orders taken before 4pm.

“Our experienced sales force can find adopting new technologies a challenge. However, after seeing a demo of sales-i I knew that buy in from the team wouldn’t be a problem and the system would do everything that we needed it to do”

The Challenge

In a very competitive market, Zodiac aim to grow their share of the sector wherever possible.  To do this they have cited greater control of their supply chain as key to continue delivering competitively priced products on a next day service. They also recognize the need to commit to the latest technological changes to keep their business operation, as well as their products, innovative.

In a market that is heavily focused on customer satisfaction, Zodiac were looking for a way to keep track of every interaction with their customers – not just orders and invoices – to keep ahead of any possible issues and alert their team to act.

Jim explained, “The foodservice industry is changing at a rapid pace due to restaurant and consumer demand for innovative presentation. Products such as wooden boards or even spades to serve food are becoming commonplace. We needed a system that would keep track of buying patterns so that we can be proactive with our selling. sales-i does exactly that.”

The Solution

Using sales-i, Zodiac have managed to keep customer relationships strong and their market share high. With one system analyzing all their data from Intact (their internal ERP), they have used sales-i to alert their sales team to customer spending drops and opportunities for upselling via the Sales Vs Gaps feature.

With an easy view of customer spending and product sales patterns, Zodiac have a greater insight into who will want what and when. Being able to accurately predict demand and order items accordingly has made it easier to deliver products on a next day service that may take up to 6 weeks to come from their suppliers.

Zodiac needed to feed actionable data directly to their sales team, set goals and schedule customer actions automatically. The automated approach that sales-i offers has given the less technical team members a way to maximize their sales performance and drive buy-in from the team.

“Our experienced sales force can find adopting new technologies a challenge. However, after seeing a demo of sales-i I knew that buy in from the team wouldn’t be a problem and the system would do everything that we needed it to do”. Jim Ellis, Sales Manager

sales-i helps us immensely with our sales reporting. Previously our IT Manager was inundated with multiple requests for data but now our salespeople can run their own reports.” Jim Ellis
Sales Manager


The centralized repository of all customer interactions in sales-i is informing the customer service team as well as the sales teams internally and on the road. So, everyone is on the same page with what each customer has ordered, what they have discussed with the sales agent and any service issues they may have to deliver a seamless service from start to end.

This has been further enhanced by the availability of the system through mobile apps to the agents out in the field for both their information, route planning and record updating. The sharing of insights and product opportunities with customers via Customer Mode, which simplifies data and excludes sensitive information such as profit margins has been an extremely useful tool for communicating with customers.

What's next?

Zodiac recognize that their sales team are yet to fully use the Campaigns feature in sales-i to automate alerts for changes to product range sales, customer behavior and company specific targets.

With these in place they are looking to increase product penetration in their UK and Ireland base.

Do you want to get a handle on your purchasing forecasting like Zodiac Stainless Products?

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