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Absolutely everything you need to know about Big Data

The who, what, when, why and how of Big Data analytics
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post pb

Our CEO’s favorite tech

When it comes to tech, our CEO Paul Black knows his stuff and has his firm ...
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post the-interview-donald-trump-sits-down-with-business-insider

Will the Trump economy jump or slump?

16 years after the Simpsons satirically predicted it (in what they classed as a ‘vision of America going insane’) and after what felt like 16 ...
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post packaging-bloke

Staying competitive in the packaging industry

The scale of the packaging industry is not one to be sniffed at. Each person on the planet on average consumes $114 worth of packaging each year. A ...
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A tool for the future of the automotive industry

When it comes to implementing new technology to drive your business empire forwards, you certainly aren’t short of options. CRM systems are often ...
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3 ways to make implementing a CRM system a success 

Great. You’ve made the decision to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system into your business. You’ll soon be wondering what ...
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post 7 excuses salespeople make for not hitting targets

7 excuses salespeople make for not hitting target

Let’s face it… selling ain’t easy. Sometimes it seems easier to lure a ravenous lion with a lettuce leaf than hit your monthly sales target. ...
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post crm-2013

What is the difference between ERP and BI software?

What's the difference between ERP software and BI software? These are two pieces of software that are often confused, muddled up and perceived to be ...
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post data intelligence

4 ways to use data intelligence to your advantage

Data Intelligence solutions can provide serious insight into the best ways to expand your company’s services and investments. Understanding how to ...
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post Angry businessman with document shouting at somebody

Infographic: how to handle a customer complaint in 9 steps

Never underestimate the importance of a customer complaining. It is far better for a customer to be annoyed and let you know rather than for a ...
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post CRM

3 ways misusing CRM software can destroy your business

When done right, using CRM software can reap many rewards for your business empire. Put it in the wrong hands, however and it can also become ...
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post campaigns

7 Reasons Why Not Using Customer Analytics Is Losing You Leads

There’s nothing quite like having a deal in the palm of your hands only to see it slip away. Whether it’s due to poor website set up or a ...
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post customer retention strategy

7 Customer Retention Strategies That Work

How To Retain Customers That Are Valuable To Your Business Enticing the customers through the door is the easy part. Getting them to stay ...
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post sales incentives

17 sales incentives that pack a punch

OK, it’s the middle of October, the weather’s turning glum, your sales team is too and their sales are reflecting their post-summer blues. As a ...
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post arnold-schwarzenegger

7 tips on increasing your sales opportunities and closing more deals

However good the product or service you offer, all businesses rely on new sales opportunities to grow and develop. Although up-selling and ...
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'The beach was too sandy'

9 steps on how to deal with customer complaints
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post 5 myths about Big Data that are total BS

5 myths about Big Data that are total BS

A quick Google search of the term ‘Big Data’ brings up big results, about 257,000,000 of them in fact. With so many different points of view ...
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post account management

Treat your Accounts like you treat your loved one!

Account management is much like being in a relationship: it’s all about communication, trust, reading signals and knowing how to keep the other ...
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