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post movember team

A Poem For Our Moustachioed Heroes

This year we were very proud to take part in a fundraising drive for Movember. This is a heartfelt tribute to the furry faced members of our ...
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post data security

The Importance Of Data Security

Why Your CEO Should Care About Information Security The US Federal Government, 60 million South African citizens, 57 million Uber customers ...
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Sales Reporting Do’s & Don’ts: How To Report Sales

In this digital world, a far greater emphasis is being placed on data and analytics. All this data gives you an idea of how successful (or ...
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post Business Awards

We’re one of the Best Companies to work for!

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve been awarded the prestigious Best Company to Work For accolade by the organisation behind the annual ...
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post technophobe

How to Win Over a Sales Technophobe: Successfully Implementing New BI Systems

No one likes change, but when it comes to technology, some people can be particularly resistant. So how can you win over a technophobe? Here are ...
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post sales-i volunteering with Feed My Starving Children

sales-i Day of Service: Feed My Starving Children

At sales-i, we are always looking for ways to share our success with those around us. During this season of Thanksgiving we are reminded of those ...
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post Howarth Timber

Howarth Timber ♥ sales-i

Here at sales-i, we always love to hear how our customers are getting on with sales-i. Whether they’re singing our praises and recommending us to ...
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post Staircase

18 Steps to a Productive Sales Meeting

No one likes a meeting that rambles on, has no plan, no goals and no respect for other people’s time. Making every moment count in a meeting is ...
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post sales statistics

99 sales stats that will help you sell smarter

Speak to any salesperson and they’ll tell you that they could sell a winter coat to a Wookie. I don’t think I’ve ever met a bad ...
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post Gordon Gekko

Fix your sales patter fails or risk losing business

This isn’t an 80’s rom-com and you are not Gordon Gekko. Business catchphrases are cliché and often flag up to customers that you are not ...
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post Benefits of CRM software

6 big benefits of CRM software

With its roots firmly set in the late 1980s, Customer Relationship Management software has come on leaps and bounds since the digital rolodex and ...
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3 Social Pitfalls salespeople fall into (and how to avoid them)

In an increasingly digital world the traditional workplace has been extended onto social networks, professional networking sites and broken free of ...
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post Benefits of Data Visualization

Three benefits of data visualization that can empower your business

The modern business world generates huge volumes of data. It’s impossible to absorb it all – especially in its raw form. This has led to a ...
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People are stupid and 3 other reasons why you should be selling FAB

Working in sales can be a minefield. High pressure, limited time, strong competition, bad press, you can be flavor of the month one month yet tossed ...
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19 sales tips you’d be stupid to ignore

The advert for a job in sales may read like a recruitment poster for something a whole lot more dramatic, but there’s more to selling than ...
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post microscope

The Micromanagement Monster – how to identify if you could be harming your business.

We have all been in that job where you have to submit your ideas in triplicate to your, let’s say, ‘very particular’ manager only to ...
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post garbage crm system

Garbage in, garbage out – don’t kill your CRM

Have you ever heard of ‘Cause and Effect’? It’s a theory that suggests every action has an equal reaction. For example, Joe forgot to plug ...
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post Shaking hands on the sale

5 Body Language Tips To Improve Your Selling

Lots of things can kill a sale, but the way you interact with a customer should never be one of them. Experts believe that as much as 90 percent of ...
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