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post history-of-business-intelligence

A History of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is one of those buzzwords that’s been bandied about a lot in the past couple of years. There are so many definitions of what ...
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post How Social Media Can Increase Your Sales

How Social Media Can Increase Your Sales

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State of the BI Market – Spring 2018 Review

Stuart Pecksen, sales-i Business Analyst, has recently been looking into the state of the Business Intelligence Market and below is a ...
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Sell More Beer 101

Excellent beer doesn’t sell itself. So, what can you do to come out on top at the bar?
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post ceo sales calculator

Infographic: How to improve sales performance and improve customer growth

Driving sales performance and developing your business is always going to be at the forefront of your mind. Actively pursuing new leads, carefully ...
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post Customer insight

What is customer insight and why is it important for your business?

Customer insight is the understanding of your customer, based on their buying behavior, their experiences with you, their beliefs or needs. Customer ...
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post sellmorebeer4

Sell More Beer 101 Pt.3

Hello again and thank you for joining me for the final instalment of our series 'Sell More Beer 101'. Up to now we have established that you need an ...
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post Jango Fett

Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Back in December 2017, we welcomed two local apprentices into the sales-i family from Solihull College. As a company, we are always looking for ways ...
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post sellmorebeer3

Sell More Beer 101 Pt.2

Welcome back to our Sell More Beer 101 blog. So far, we have established that to stand out from the crowd you need an excellent beer, outstanding ...
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post ERP and BI

ERP and BI: 4 reasons you need both

Businesses today have more data than they can shake a stick at. Transactions, invoices, call notes, social media interactions, customer details and ...
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post UK and beyond - where is the Brewery Industry heading in 2018?

UK and beyond – where is the Brewery Industry heading in 2018?

The New Year is well and truly underway. Most of us have already given up on our New Year’s resolutions and just enough time has elapsed for us to ...
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post sellmorebeer

Sell More Beer 101 – Pt.1

You need to sell more beer, but even excellent beer doesn’t sell itself. Your customers and their punters need to choose your pint from the vast ...
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post Tips to get your team using technology

3 reasons why outdated technology is killing your business

Business technologies are advancing at a rapid rate. The choice of new and improved products can often be incredibly overwhelming. Faced with such a ...
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post sales forecasting

Top Tips On How To Forecast Sales

Has your accountant been pestering you about business forecasting recently? Did you start to panic that you don’t know how to do a sales forecast? ...
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post cloud computing benefits

Cloud Computing Disadvantages and Advantages

Using ‘the Cloud’ is a phrase you’ve likely heard banded around blogs, TV adverts, at the office and probably over the local park. It’s ...
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post Why the bad (sales) rep? 5 tips to neutralise the negative stereotype of a sales person.

Why The Bad (Sales) Rep? 5 Tips to Neutralize The Negative Stereotype of a Salesperson.

What springs to mind when you think of a salesperson? The telesales agent that continues to read from a script when you have said you can’t talk? A ...
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ERP vs BI software: What is the difference?

What's the difference between ERP software and BI software? These are two pieces of software that are often confused, muddled up and each perceived ...
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post BI vs traditional CRM

sales-i vs. traditional CRM

Many prospects often ask our sales team “What can sales-i offer me that my current CRM package can’t?” and "What's the difference between BI ...
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