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post Spreadsheets are destroying your business

Spreadsheets are destroying your business!

With an estimated 1 billion people using Excel, Microsoft has made a pretty powerful piece of software. Whether you love or hate spreadsheets ,they ...
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post g2 crowd sales software

sales-i named a ‘high performer’ on G2 Crowd

As a company, we’re committed to delivering a product that gives great visibility into our customers’ sales data. Because of all our hard work, ...
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post CRM

Infographic: Internet Marketing Lead Generation Ecosystem

Although digital timekeeping has supplanted it for the most part, there still exists an appreciation for the work of a watchmaker. The precision and ...
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post London Marathon Anna

sales-i supports local fundraising superwoman

Here at sales-i, we’re always on the lookout for local good causes or people doing incredible things to raise money for equally incredible ...
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post BI at its best

5 really stupid questions that even good salespeople ask

While a fundamental part of the sales process, there’s a marked difference between asking the right questions and asking questions that will leave ...
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post crm notes

5 essential notes you need to make after a sales call

You’ve just stepped out of that all-important sales meeting that you’ve spent hours prepping for, but the admin doesn’t stop there. Now you ...
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post 7 deadly sins

The 7 deadly sins of sales

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride, these aren’t just things you’ll recognize in a nightclub in any city in the early hours of a ...
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post sales funnel

6 ways to build a sales prospect database for your CRM

It’s 11am on a Tuesday, you’ve just put the phone down after talking to a prospect and you’re ready to dial again to speak to the next person. ...
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post Birmingham chamber of commerce

We’ve joined the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce!

Here at sales-i, we’re incredibly proud to be a Midlands company. With our roots firmly set in leafy Solihull, being an active member of the local ...
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post taking notes

Our champions of customer success

Here at sales-i, our people make us. As the heart and soul of our company, investing in them is imperative. Whether training courses, webinars or a ...
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post technology

7 signs you need sales intelligence software

Sales intelligence software (SI) is designed to make a salesperson’s job easier. It looks at your sales data and does clever things with it. It’s ...
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post idsurfaces building

sales-i helps to win award at IDS

It’s always great to learn how sales-i is helping our customers. Paul Johnson is Regional Sales Manager for the UK’s largest distributor of ...
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post Rejection in sales

How To Handle Rejection In Sales

Sales rejection isn’t a case of if, but when. We’re not being pessimistic – it’s simply a natural part of working in sales. There’d be ...
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post 5 sales mistakes

5 common sales mistakes you should only make once

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s a natural part of life. But there are some mistakes you should only ever make once – especially sales mistakes ...
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post how is big data used

5 reasons why high performing sales teams use predictive analytics

Well informed, self-sufficient and on the button sales teams are often the most successful sales teams. With productivity and performance being ...
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sales-i on Apple Watch, Plot to Maps and More

Introducing Business Intelligence for Apple Watch For those of you who are as nuts about tech as we are and have an Apple Watch, you’ll ...
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post saas data center

The benefits of SaaS

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is packed with advantages – regardless of what industry you work in. From building supplies to automotive and food and ...
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post Auto-Wares sales-i

Auto-Wares ♥ sales-i

Here at sales-i, we’re always intrigued to hear just how much we’re making a change and helping our customers. Whether a quick thanks in an email ...
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