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written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Our customer base here at sales-i is continually expanding and we enjoy nothing more than hearing our customer’s glowing feedback. As a company, it gives us great pride to hear our customers tell us how much sales-i has changed their business for the better.

Some of our most recent case studies include leading janitorial, chemical and paper supplier: JC Paper as well as gardening and landscaping manufacturer: Grange Fencing. We have also worked closely with one of our valued partners, business solution software provider, MBS Dev, to produce a joint case study with Perry Office Plus.

JC Paper, based in California, operates in a highly competitive industry, yet continues to deliver on customer needs with sales-i, cementing their industry leading position. Read JC Paper’s full story? here

Grange Fencing has been in business since the 1800s, so they know a thing or two about keeping their customers happy. The company has developed the perfect blend of modern technology and traditional skills with the recent addition of sales-i. The sales operation has been revolutionized with sales-i, as Sales Manager, Shaun Amis told us “it’s brilliant!” Discover how things have changed at Grange Fencing? here

Perry Office Plus is an organization built on heritage, passion and dedication to their industry, customers and superior product. Together, sales-i and MBS Dev are a winning combination. With unique purchasing analytics, trending and alerts from sales-i, coupled with MBS Dev’s powerful ecommerce and business operations software, Perry OP now has everything they need to kick their sales operation and business into competitive high gear.

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