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how is big data used

In what is becoming a near $200bn industry, Big Data is swiftly becoming big business. The Data 50 Awards program celebrates those at the forefront of the UK data industry, whether transforming their own organisations or enhancing others’.

Given our love of all things data here at sales-i, our CEO Paul Black was nominated for a coveted spot in these prestigious lists. We’re delighted to announce that he made the list of the Top 10 Data Entrepreneurs in the UK and named one of the ‘data entrepreneurs you should know about in 2017’

Big Data

The rise of Big Data has made it easier than ever to gather and analyze information about your customers. However, the more data you collect, the more suspicious your buyers may become of you.

Our CEO, Paul Black spoke to MyCustomer magazine about how companies can use Big Data effectively to improve your customers’ experiences with your company, without the ‘Big Brother’ perception.

data intelligence

Data Intelligence solutions can provide serious insight into the best ways to expand your company’s services and investments. Understanding how to interpret and make actions based on company data is vital before you can move forward with recommendations. So, how can data intelligence solutions be used to their full potential?

Outline specific goals

Data intelligence is like a good dog.

It will do as it’s told, but has no initiative to do so without being given direction