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BI analyzer tool

Choosing the right Business Intelligence (BI) system for your business needs is difficult and often very stressful. Throw in the burden of a systems cost, pressure from above in your company, and frustrations of your teams that will actually have to use a system every day, and you have yourself a headache.

Consider this BI Analyzer Tool article a metaphorical dose of headache pills and a cool glass of water. Take a moment. Breathe. Now read how to cut through the sales blurb and lofty promises to get to the details – what things mean and what do you really need

food service indsutry

The US foodservice industry has recently undergone major changes, and many more can be expected as we move further into 2018. Many restaurant and foodservice experts have made predictions regarding industry trends for the year, and they all had one in common: the need for wholesalers and distributors to be able to adapt to the quickly changing landscape.

“Change is here to stay, and this year’s top trends reflect the industry’s acceptance of this state,” explained Andrew Freeman and Company in its 2018 annual trend report

Benefits of Data Visualization

The modern business world generates huge volumes of data. It’s impossible to absorb it all – especially in its raw form. This has led to a growing awareness of the benefits of data visualization – a tool which translates complex information into digestible ‘chunks’. This is not a new approach by any means: maps, charts and diagrams have been presenting complex information in a graphical or pictorial format for hundreds of years. The process of doing this, however, has certainly evolved and improved over time