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10 years ago, if you were told you needed to think about adopting cloud computing technologies, you might well just have dismissed it as pie in the sky stuff. These days, you’re hard pushed to avoid it. As Bob Dylan tells it, “The times they are a-changin’.”

As many of the leading vendors race towards cloud-only (never mind cloud-first!) delivery for their vital business applications, it really is time to sit up and take notice

SaaS vs On-premises

Software-as-a-Service is, or SaaS for short, is fast becoming the technology of choice for many businesses in place of traditional on-premises software.

There’s a good reason for that too as confidence is high, there’s continuing growth and access has never been easier due to faster connectivity. Therefore we’re starting to see several SaaS software solutions catching the media buzz – SaaS examples including CRM systems, Business Intelligence, customer experience management and so on

Stuart Pecksen, sales-i Business Analyst, has recently been looking into the state of the Business Intelligence Market and below is a summary of  the market trends he has uncovered –

3 months in to 2018! Time really is flying, and we are now at the point of year where many people start publishing predictions about the market we operate in so at the end of the year the ones that were right can brag and boast about being the Nostradamus of the interwebs. And the ones that were wrong can have another go next year