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When you’re trying to grow your business, bringing in new customers or clients left right and centre seems like an attractive option.

Think of customers like cars. Buying a new car might seem attractive, but there is another option.

You’ve been driving the same car for a while now, and it’s not been letting you down. Over time, without appropriate care, its reliability might start to slip, and eventually it will break down

In an increasingly digital world the traditional workplace has been extended onto social networks, professional networking sites and broken free of the regular 9 to 5. As a result, modern salespeople are having to navigate a shifting landscape of social do’s and don’ts as they build and nurture working relationships

Do you work in Business Development or Account Management or are you looking for a job in these fields?

A quick search on LinkedIn reveals that there are currently over 130,000 advertised jobs available, all, of course, have differing job descriptions.

Want to check you’re right for the role?

Well, as anyone who works in a Business Development or Account Management job role can surely relate to, all you really need to ask yourself is do you have these 11 qualities? *

*Please note these should be taken with a pinch of salt!