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Jump back just over 10 years ago to when Apple launched its iPhone, the financial crisis was in full swing and Britney Spears shaved her head (still weird to this day), SaaS was a term that was barely used, or even understood.

Today, most people will know that SaaS stands for ‘Software-as-a-Service’. The supply of software, usually on a subscription basis over the Internet, where you have no need to install or update software. Think Hotmail, Mailchimp, Salesforce and more.

The chances are you already use some SaaS at least once a day and have done for years

26th January 2019

The advantages of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) are significant – regardless of what industry you work in. From building supplies to automotive, the possibilities for businesses utilizing this method of software delivery is endless. As long as you know how to use it. Below are the top benefits of SaaS and why it can help your processes.

Speedy implementation of Saas

SaaS, by its very nature, is instant access. You can implement it in your business very quickly, unlike traditional software

saas data centre

10 years ago, if you were told you needed to think about adopting cloud computing technologies, you might well just have dismissed it as pie in the sky stuff. These days, you’re hard pushed to avoid it. As Bob Dylan tells it, “The times they are a-changin’.”

As many of the leading vendors race towards cloud-only (never mind cloud-first!) delivery for their vital business applications, it really is time to sit up and take notice