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Big Data

In 2016, less than 50% of companies had invested in Big Data technologies. While still in its relative infancy in the business world, Big Data is fast becoming a big deal in the business world. Some companies are already way head of the game and are already showing the late adopters how it should be done. Here are three companies that are doing this whole Big Data thing right.


British grocery powerhouse Tesco has been using Big Data since back in 1995

sales analytics

Let me start by saying I love analytics.

Yes, you’re probably thinking I’m a sad, lonely nerd, sitting in a dark room drooling over stats and numbers rolling across my screen.

But you’re wrong (sort of).

Analytics are starting to play a major role in almost every aspect of your life, not just in business, and you don’t have to be a super-geek to appreciate the results.

Think about your local supermarket: they use data analysis to set up their aisles for maximum spend from you

Pile of invoices

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems seem to have been around since the dawn of man. I’m pretty sure Neanderthals used an ERP system to note down how many bison or deer they killed during their last hunt.

Despite the dominance of ERP systems throughout the business world, we regularly see headlines with proclamations of their imminent demise, as though they are soon to be replaced by new software developed by another teenage whizzkid in his bedroom during his downtime between stints on World of Warcraft