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Making HVAC Cool – Attracting millennials into the HVAC industry

If you’re struggling to get people to fill the vital roles in your business, then you are not alone. The younger generation is not attracted to the HVAC industry.

“53 percent of skilled-trade workers in the U.S. are 45 years old or older, and 18.6 percent are between the ages of 55 and 64” – Jon Hirsch, Director of business development, Auer Steel & Heating Supply Co. Inc.

Please Mind The (skills) Gap

The HVAC industry skill gap is estimated to


The HVAC industry is on the rise. In line with the rebound of fortunes of the larger construction industry, the HVAC market is currently experiencing a boom in business close to the record highs of 2005.

HVAC industry research has the global market in 2018 values at US $ 91.30 billion with a prediction of it reaching US $ 173 billion by 2024