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5 Reasons You Should Join the Cloud

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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If it isn’t already a part of your business model, then you should at least be considering adopting The Cloud in the near future, and you should definitely at least learn the benefits so you know what your competitors may be up to. As outlined in a recent article by Talk Business Magazine (TBM), the benefits of using a Cloud-based service provider seriously outweigh the flaws.

We thought we’d follow up on TBM’s article on why switching to The Cloud is a good idea with a little about ourselves, and how TBM’s five reasons for switching to The Cloud are already integral parts of our business model. You can read the original article here.

1. Finances and Capital

We know that that time is money for any business, no matter shape or size. As we operate through The Cloud, there are no annoying, time-consuming updates to endure. They’re all handled at our end instead, leaving you to get on with your business-critical tasks.

Also, you usually have to pay a lump sum to purchase a software package outright, meaning a sizeable dent to your budget and overall funds. In turn, this may hold you back from making other moves you were planning until your funds have recharged. With sales-i, you’ll pay on a month-by-month subscription, giving you constant cash flow which you can invest as and when you need to.

2. Security

Last year, a study commissioned by Microsoft found that 60% of small or medium-sized business (SMB) owners that hadn’t yet adopted The Cloud were concerned about security. Interestingly enough, the same study also found that 94% of SMB owners who had adopted The Cloud had gained security benefits that they hadn’t seen before with on-premises security measures.

At sales-i, we partner with Rackspace, who manage some of the most data-sensitive accounts in the world, including various governmental departments, military installations and some of the largest banks in the world. With your data in the safest of hands at all times, you’ll be able to run your business with constant peace of mind.

3. Scalability

As previously mentioned, sales-i is paid for month-by-month, which means you can add or remove users whenever you need to. Simply put, you’re always in control of how quickly your sales-i subscription grows, meaning that you’ll never be paying more than you need to, and also that the amount you pay is relative to the size of your business.

This means that whether you have 5 salespeople or 5000 salespeople, our business model will fit your budget and needs. And what’s more, there’s no waiting around and shopping for licenses as with software packages. As soon as you need a new user, we add them to your account. It’s as simple as that.

4. Disaster Recovery

If you have any issues, from a power cut to a hardware fault, The Cloud ensures you won’t lose any work. When you sign up with sales-i, we extract your data from your servers and store a copy in The Cloud. From there, no matter how much you tweak, edit and change your data, it will always be safe and up-to-date. In technical terms, this method of having more than one route to your data is known as resilience, and means that, as there is always a way to access The Cloud, there is always a way to access your data.

5. Collaboration

sales-i will provide your whole team with everything from sales and customer intelligence to meeting notes, contact information and next actions. This ensures that no time is wasted in waiting for hardware to arrive under the arm of your colleague or employee post-meeting. Instead, everything can be accessed instantly, improving the overall efficiency and therefore profitability of your business.

The Cloud’s truly collaborative work system stores everything in one completely ubiquitous space, meaning that everyone is on the same page at all times. With sales-i, it doesn’t matter whether you’re in Aberdeen or Arizona, all you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone and you’ll always be in the loop.

To book your free sales-i demo or to find out a little more about what we can do for your sales team, get in touch today.

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