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Are you focusing on the right sales targets?

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Your market hasn’t got an infinite number of businesses, so you’ll probably find that your best prospects already have someone supplying them with a similar product or service to what you sell.

Where the problem lies is when these prospects have built up a relationship with their current supplier. Whether they are satisfied or even if their current service falls below their expectations it is still a mammoth task to get them to take note of you. The reason many meeting requests are refused is because they have built up these long-term relationships.

It works the other way around too. Think about your key customers, they think the same about you and your business. Are you going to lose them anytime soon? Probably not, and neither will your competitors.

Be wary of downgrading your targets

It’s easy to think that your best prospects are lost opportunities because of their relationship with their current suppliers. Their resistance to meet with you or give you further information may lead you to focus your efforts downwards, calling on businesses that aren’t your ideal targets.

You may receive a better reception from these prospects and you may feel as though you are making progress, however it is not progress when you call on businesses that can’t benefit from the value you create, won’t pay for your value or don’t appreciate your value. Therefore time in your diary with these prospects can actually be more negative than positive.


Trade up and be persistent

Start pursuing your best prospects early because the sooner you target them the sooner you win them. You’ll never close an opportunity without an opening first. However this is where your focus comes in. It won’t be a quick win like a receptive prospect but more of a persistent, aggressive campaign.

The best prospects are worth your investment of time and focus because these will become your ‘sticky’ customers. This doesn’t mean you can’t hit some other great smaller customers along the way, it just means you should first focus on the right targets at the right time.

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