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Development update: August 2017

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We’re delighted to announce a handful of brand new updates to both the browser based and Android versions of sales-i, now available online or to download from the Apple App Store.

Export Tagging Reports

Following the introduction of the ability to add tags to the Record Card that will save you valuable time when managing a project, you can now export all of your tagged items as one single file. From contacts and documents to call history notes and opportunity, the now exportable tagging report is available as a spreadsheet at the click of a button.

Tags are a smart way to manage your projects and group together all the items (key contacts, documents, call history notes, opportunities etc) that are related to a particular project.

Android Refresh

Great news for all of our Android users! sales-i on Android has been given a welcome makeover. Say hello to flattened images, softer colours that are easier on the eye, a better layout and an all-round improved look and feel.

iOS updates

If you use sales-i on your iPhone or iPad, there are a couple of new features that have been released for you this month too:

  • Personal calls in MyCalls are now color-coded on your device to match the colors used for personal appointments in the browser-based version of sales-i.
  • New user functions can now be turned on so that certain users can only view notes in MyCalls instead of being able to edit or delete them.

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