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sales-i continues to grow its share of the US Office Products market

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sales-i is continuing to deepen its penetration of the North American office products market, adding another 20 customers in the last two months alone, making it the fastest growing system of its kind in the USA.

Its success is down to one simple fact – ‘sales-i makes sales people sell more’. The company has displaced a number of competitive ‘report writing’ style products with its intuitive, easy to use system that is designed by sales people for sales people. Busy sales people in the office or on the road use sales-i’s intuitive alerts system to tell them, via laptops, cell phones, blackberries, iPhones etc, when there is a change in a customer’s buying behavior enabling them to identify and respond to opportunities immediately.

sales-i is already transforming the sales fortunes of a number of independent office products dealers and their stories of visible sales success are generating powerful headlines in the industry

Wisconsin-based Inter Office Products is one such success: a family run business founded in 1968 whose President and CEO, Dennis Martins can’t quite believe the impact that sales-i has had on his business.

“sales-i has taken my breath away!,” Dennis says. “In 6 days I have learned more about my customers and their buying behavior and history that I could ever have known. I can see who is buying what and who isn’t and from running one simple sales-i alert to identify which customers had not bought from us in 6 months, I made 20 calls and realized 5 or 6 sales opportunities that combined are valued in excess of $50,000!.”

That is quite an achievement in its own right but made more so by the fact that Dennis does not usually rely on computers to do his job and he hasn’t even had any sales-i training yet! “We only got sales-i in a week ago and are still doing our data transfer and embarking on training. I just wanted to give it a go and voila! – Who would have believed what the impact would be? I haven’t even followed up the initial set of opportunities yet!”

Dennis’ experience is being echoed across the USA by now more than 100 office products companies. Wholesalers including United and SP Richards and dealers including TriMega, have also been quick to partner with sales-i and promote the solution to their members. sales-i is poised to make a significant announcement with TriMega later in April which will demonstrate the confidence that this 585+ member strong purchasing association has in sales-i’s sales and marketing intelligence capability.

Kevin McGirl, co-founder of sales-i, has lead the push into North America and is fast becoming a must recognized and respected figure in the office products sector for his depth of knowledge and understanding of the industry and its sales processes and opportunities. “The North American market is truly embracing sales-i and we have made some great friends and partnerships in a very short time. We have many, many customers who are happy to demonstrate and talk about the ROI that they have experienced from their sales-i investment and significantly these are not all technology savvy companies; many are independent, family run businesses who are now enjoying the same technology advantages as their larger competitors. sales-i is about putting your sales people first and empowering them to be more successful and that is exactly what we are helping these companies to do.”

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