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sales-i is heading to San Diego for AFFLINK’s Summit

written by sales-i Marketing Team

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Having joined AFFLINK back in 2013, we are excited to announce that we will be attending our second Summit event organized and hosted by AFFLINK at the beginning of June.

The global leading sales and marketing organization, representing a number of industries including industrial, healthcare, hospitality and commercial, AFFLINK host their annual Summit to encourage networking, communication and opportunities between member suppliers, manufacturers and distributors.

Running from June 1 through 4 in San Diego, this year’s Summit is already gearing up to be a fantastic event. If you are heading to the event in a few weeks, you can find us at booth #217 where the team will be on hand to show you sales-i in action.

With a ‘Play to Win’ theme, Summit is the perfect stage for sales-i to unveil our most recent developments and features, including Document Storage, our updated mobile applications and enhancements to Campaign Manager.

AFFLINK members including Ship-Pac, Gulf Coast Paper and Weiss Bros of Hagerstown are already benefiting from the advantage that sales-i provides. In competitive marketplaces, sales-i affords businesses the opportunity to remain ahead of the game with instant access to actionable sales data to make better, more informed business decisions.

Sales Manager for Ship-Pac, John Lewis comments, “We are already focusing our sales efforts in a more proactive way based on the incredible amount of information available in sales-i. Information that is just a few clicks away.”

President of sales-i, Kevin McGirl adds, “AFFLINK’s annual Summit is always a fantastic event for us to introduce sales-i to their growing network of members. Having recently launched Document Storage, we are excited to showcase the new features of sales-i and what makes us the very best solution for business intelligence for AFFLINK members.”

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