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sales-i & JBarrows Sales Training join forces to empower salespeople with industry leading sales academy

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The award-winning provider of sales intelligence and analytics software, sales-i, has today announced its partnership with JBarrows Sales Training to deliver world-leading sales training to its customers.

In a unique offering, sales-i has worked closely with JBarrows Sales Training to develop a comprehensive training program that combines the premier sales enablement tool for manufacturing and distribution businesses with the JBarrows Sales Training sales method.

Having delivered sales training and consulting services to companies such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Google and Box; John Barrows is the face of sales-i Academy, personally presenting each online module.

With two courses available: Filling the Funnel and Driving to Close, current and future users of sales-i will be able to combine an industry-leading sales tool with expert sales training to grow new logo business, drive increases in average deal size and grow market share of wallet.

John Barrows, Founder of JBarrows Sales Training said: “We have shown measurable and meaningful improvements in all stages of the sales process by combining our actionable sales training with best-in-class software teams like sales-i. The new sales academy will serve as a multiplier and competitive advantage to new and existing sales-i customers.”

“Combining best-in-class sales training with the powerful data analytics available in sales-i equips a manufacturer or distribution sales rep with the best tools and techniques to outsell their competition. Our partnership with JBarrows Sales Training and the development of the sales-i Academy cements our position in the market as a world-leading provider of sales enablement tools. Between us, we share very similar goals: to empower salespeople and make them the very best.” says Dominic Starr, Vice President North America at sales-i.

To learn more about the sales-i Academy, visit:

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