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sales-i releases 6.5.5: improving the flow of your customer information

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sales-i, the sales & customer intelligence service for frontline sales people, releases version 6.5.5: improving the flow of your customer information.

The latest version of sales-i released on Thursday 12 April enables users to instantly view events on sales-i and help users better manage their day with The Cloud.

The Cloud feature displays events such as Call Reminders, newly added Prospects and changes to My Calls, plus many more terrific options that will keep customer contact at the heart of your business.

In addition, this latest release will include a new feature called Configurable Dashboards to give you more control of your Home page layout. The sales intelligence you want the most will be presented via six Dashpods. In an instant you will be able to view sales data on customers, products, gross profit margins and more via bar charts, pie charts and tables.

Saved Enquiries and Saved Account Search summaries will also be available via two new Dashpods allowing easier and faster navigation to this information.

You will even be able to personalize and save your Dashboard preferences with drag and drop Dashpod ordering.

We did not stop there … extra features in Thursday’s release included:

  • record card Parent roll up
  • the ability to copy and paste Targets
  • extra CRM analysis fields on the record card
  • easily convert a Prospect to Customer

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