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Crest Medical Ltd

Crest Medical Ltd use sales-i to identify the full potential of each customer.

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Crest Medical Ltd has been a leading name in the UK First Aid and medical supplies market for over 20 years.

  • 1,000 products
  • 3,000 SKUs
  • 9 sales-i users



The Overview.

Based in Warrington, England, their team of 70 employees deliver three thousand different items to the NHS, private healthcare, veterinary centres and the Armed Forces.

With a sister company to handle third-party logistics and supply chain solutions, Crest Medical Ltd delivers a complete service to its clients. With an innovative vision and commitment to high quality and friendly service, Crest Medical Ltd strives to not just satisfy consumer needs but exceed expectations.

The Challenge.

When the team at sales-i first spoke with Crest Medical they were facing issues extracting accurate data from their existing systems. The time it was taking to extract, analyse and report was having a significant negative impact on their ability to be responsive to their client’s needs.

“We had the data, we just needed to be able to understand the insights it offered in an efficient way” said Joanne Ditchfield, Business Development Manager at Crest Medical Ltd.


The Solution.

After an initial search for business tools to bridge the gap between their CRM and the insights they wanted, Crest Medical Ltd contacted sales-i.

“It is imperative that each dedicated Account Manager has an in-depth insight into each one of their customers.” Joanne continued, “sales-i offered a system that not only unlocked the data insights we needed but was also easy to use,” Joanne continued. “All of our staff can access sales-i. This informs the whole team, keeping us all focused on the same goal.”

Joanne had been searching for a way to dig into their data. She hoped to find buying patterns and insights to help her team anticipate the needs of their clients. The sales-i solution provided an opportunity for Crest Medical Ltd to see granular detail of buying behaviours at the click of a button.

"sales-i is a great sales package. It gives you all the information needed for each sales individual, allowing control & direction to their specific requirements."


Joanne Ditchfield, Business Development Manager


The Results.

After almost two years working with sales-i, Joanne told us: “We can now see all of our customer data in detail; From total spend to segmentation by areas and individual products. Using sales-i, we can look at each customer and identify their full potential including specific products within specific categories. This makes it easier to market material that is relevant and appropriate to that particular customer.”

Joanne concluded by saying, “sales-i is a great sales package; It gives all the information needed for each sales individual, allowing control and direction to their specific requirements.”

The Future.

As Crest Medical Ltd continue to use sales-i they admit that they are not using the full potential of the system.

“The next stage of our innovation will involve using sales-i to mine in-depth knowledge to shape future developments.” Joanne added that as a company they were committed to “utilising the package to its full potential.”

Joanne has already made steps to increase her team’s knowledge of sales-i by booking additional training at our Solihull head office.

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